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Reduce Tooth Sensitivity during Resin Based and Wet Tooth Bonding

AcquaSeal™ is an innovative solution proven to reduce tooth sensitivity in general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry procedures. In restorative work, its preventative effects are permanent, while in topical applications it can last up to three months. We recommend using the 10ml bottle of AcquaSeal™ for restorative work such as performing wet, resin based tooth bonding and installing temporary crowns.

AcquaSeal™ in Wet, Resin Based Tooth Bonding

Over the last 20 years, the majority of the dental profession has begun to use wet bonding to “cement” restorations to tooth structure. Wet tooth bonding refers to using resin based tooth bonding systems in a wet environment. Because dentin has high water content, it is imperative that these adhesive systems work with it. When the water from the wet, resin based tooth bonding system evaporates, the bond strength is affected, which leads to marginal leakage and an increase in tooth sensitivity. To reduce tooth sensitivity, a second agent is needed to lower surface tension and reintroduce water into the bonding system.

When AcquaSeal™ is used as a wetting agent, as detailed below, it helps form a deep hybrid layer by decreasing surface tension and introducing water back in to the system. AcquaSeal™ has no resins, so it cannot form a hybrid layer on its own. It merely assists the penetration of the resins contained in the separate tooth bonding systems.

Step-by-Step AcquaSeal™ use for Restorative Procedures

Using AcquaSeal™ is an effective way to reduce tooth sensitivity during restorative procedures. Patients experience relief throughout the duration of the procedure, and for months to come. If you are a dental professional, these step-by-step tips will help you reduce patient tooth sensitivity during restorative dental treatments:

Temporary Crowns

  1. Perform crown preparation.
  2. Etch or pumice (this removes the smear layer).
  3. Rinse.
  4. Dry.
  5. Apply AcquaSeal™.
  6. Suction off excess *Note: when using with a temporary restoration, AcquaSeal™ should be dried to avoid bonding to the acrylic restoration.
  7. Apply non-eugenol temporary cement.
  8. Seat crown or temporary restoration.

Permanent Crowns / Bonded Restorations

  1. Etch the completed preparation. Usually a 15 percent solution of phosphoric acid is used for 15 to 20 seconds.
  2. Suction off etchant, and rinse.
  3. Apply AcquaSeal™. It is important to leave AcquaSeal™ wet in this case to avoid premature set up of the physiological barrier, as this would interfere with the penetration of the resin primers in to the dentin tubules.
  4. Apply primers directly on to wet AcquaSeal™ surface.
  5. Light cure primers.
  6. Seat final bonded restoration.*Note: It can take up to 24 hours for a final set of a bonding system, thus the restoration might seem high to the patient. This is not due to application of AcquaSeal™.


  1. Complete restoration.
  2. Etch restoration.
  3. Apply AcquaSeal™.
  4. Dry AcquaSeal™. This will not affect the retention of the amalgam since AcquaSeal™ has no film thickness, and amalgam is held in via mechanical retention.
  5. Fill with amalgam as usual.

Bonded Amalgams

The steps for a bonded amalgam are the same as for a bonded permanent restoration. However, most bonding systems (Amalgabond, C&B Metabond) are designed for amalgams are 4-Meta systems, and react unpredictably with products containing hema. These products are not recommended for use with AcquaSeal™.

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