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Whiten Teeth with Deep Bleaching – Frequently Asked Questions

AcquaMed™ Technologies, Inc. is proud to supply the country’s leading dentists with professional products to relieve tooth sensitivity after bleaching and dramatically whiten patients’ teeth. Deep Bleaching is one of the most effective whitening techniques available, and the best part is that it achieves spectacular results with little or no sensitivity. Read through the frequently asked questions below to learn more about how to whiten teeth with Deep Bleaching.

What does Deep Bleaching involve?

To whiten teeth with the Deep Bleaching technique takes a little more time and a little more effort, but will result in whitening that is brighter than any other recognized bleaching technique. Results are permanent with proper home care.

Will the teeth look too white?

No, natural teeth rarely look too white.

Will my crowns, veneers, or fillings whiten, too?

No. If there are any anterior restorations, you may consider replacing them after bleaching to ensure shade consistency.

Is there pain or discomfort with Deep Bleaching?

Occasionally, patients experience some mild transient sensitivity. However, AcquaBrite™ desensitizing swabs can eliminate this.

How long do the effects last if I whiten my teeth with Deep Bleaching?

Results can last indefinitely with good home care. Should you notice any staining, simply wear the trays for one night every two to three months to maintain your desired shade.

Is Deep Bleaching safe?

Bleaching techniques and products have been used for many years without reports of any damage to teeth or gums.

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