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At AcquaMed™ Technologies, Inc., we are committed to providing dentists and patients with the very best teeth bleaching products and supplies to reduce tooth sensitivity both in the dental office, and at home. Our products are easy-to-use and they provide impressive results.

AcquaSeal™ desensitizing swabs and formula effectively reduce tooth sensitivity after whitening, as well as relieve dentin sensitivity during oral hygiene procedures. AcquaSeal™ is also helpful during tooth bonding and other restorative dental procedures. To learn more about AcquaSeal™ desensitizing swabs and formula, visit our AcquaSeal™ frequently asked questions page, or use the form below to get in touch with one of our representatives.

AcquaMed™ Technologies , Inc. also offers teeth bleaching products to help patients and doctors achieve white, bright, younger-looking smiles. Our Deep Bleaching tooth whitening formula is one of the most powerful teeth bleaching products on the market today. Amazingly, the science behind our dental products allows for dramatic whitening results while they reduce tooth sensitivity.

Our tutorial on in-office teeth whitening provides instructions on how to use our teeth bleaching products, and we have also provided frequently asked questions about Deep Bleaching to help inform you of the results you can expect.

Thank you for your interest in AcquaMed™ Technologies, Inc. and our professional dental products. Please contact us today to place an order or request additional information.

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